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McLaren Car washing & Detailing Melbourne


McLaren has taken a heavy swing at re-entering the supercar market in the last 15 years, with the introduction of the MP4-12C all the way up to the most recent speedtail. We have had the privilege of working on all iterations of McLaren road car, even the almighty F1! We have a soft spot for the 675LT personally.


The McLaren Senna is the most track focussed road car money can buy you. An eye watering price tag of $2m, this was the first super series ca McLaren had released since the almighty F1. This car has set numerous race track records and you can see why with all that aero! There was only a handful of these delivered to Australia and we are lucky enough to care for 2 of them, this is the only one we can show you publicly.

This car has full body PPF, we restored the film after a few track days ridding water spots and dullness from previous coating, and replaced it with our own kamikaze PPF coating.


The 720s was a jaw dropping jump from the 650s when it was released. It had all the other manufacturers worried with its blistering performance. It certainly has the looks to back it up, an intricate design based around aerodynamics to compliment the 720hp output. We love the way you can see the bottom of the gearbox and all the working components through the rear of the diffuser

McLaren F1

Arguably, the greatest car of all time, the GOAT. There is only one McLaren F1 in Australia, having been purchased in 2005 for roughly $1m. With a current valuation just over $20m, that’s some investment! We have the privilege of looking after this car every month, It is fully PPF’d by the ever so talented Maxwell Wang. We ensure the car is in tip top shape and ready to take out at any point.

It really is a pinch yourself moment when you get up close and personal with this car, something we are truly grateful for.

McLaren F1

Common services for McLaren’s include paint correction and polishing, ceramic coating, interior detailing and high end restoration detailing.