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Are tools and uniform supplied?2024-02-01T09:19:51+10:00

Of course, just bring yourself.

How big is the team at Auto Attention?2024-02-01T09:19:04+10:00

We currently have 5  people in our workshop every day

Is there any overtime?2024-02-01T09:18:15+10:00

Yes! Time and a half for anything over 38 hours

What are the working hours?2024-02-01T09:17:40+10:00

Hours are 8-5 mon/fri with Saturday work available

Do you offer full time or part time roles?2024-02-01T09:14:35+10:00

We only have full time positions at Auto Attention

Can you Ceramic coat matte paint?2021-06-29T10:18:14+10:00

Yes, with the correct coating and application you can have the same benefits

Can we wash a car in an apartment?2021-06-29T10:17:57+10:00

Unfortunately not, however it is a service we hope to offer in 2021

Do we do tinting?2021-06-29T10:17:37+10:00

No we don’t, however we are happy to help point you in the right direction

What is the difference between PPF (paint protection film) and Ceramic coating?2021-06-29T10:17:17+10:00

PPF is mainly for stopping stone chips and scratches, commonly applied to the front end of a vehicle to stop the main stone impact areas from being damaged. Ceramic coating is more for keeping the car cleaner and visually appealing. They can be combined for best of both worlds protection.

What is a paint correction?2021-06-29T10:17:00+10:00

Paint correction is the art of removing swirl marks and paint defects while maintaining as much clear coat as possible. The old school term is “cut and polish”, paint correction is a more thorough multi-step process to achieve near 100% perfect paint.

Where are you located?2021-06-29T10:16:41+10:00

We are a mobile service around Melbourne, we just require access to power and a tap, and undercover area. We also have a workshop in Richmond for anyone who cant provide this.

How long do they last?2021-06-29T10:16:25+10:00

Our coatings last either 2 or 4 years depending on the product selected

What are the benefits of a ceramic coating?2021-06-29T10:16:00+10:00

Ceramic coatings are great for keeping your car looking newer for longer. They will act as a sacrificial layer to stop damage to your clear coat.

They help keep the car cleaner between washes, and make it super easy to clean when the time comes.

They also add a heap more gloss to your paintwork making it look better than new!

What is a ceramic coating ?2021-06-29T10:14:27+10:00

Ceramic coating is like having a second layer of clear coat on your car, acting as a sacrificial layer between your paintwork and harsh environmental attacks. It is applied as a liquid, left to chemically react and then the excess is removed leaving an invisible layer on your paint.


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