Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Protect Your Investment with Auto Attention’s PPF Service!

At Auto Attention, we understand that your car is more than just a car; it’s an investment. And, like any investment, you want to protect it. That’s why we offer high-quality Paint Protection Film (PPF) services.

On behalf of Damon and the team, we thank you for considering us to wrap your vehicle.

Why Choose Our PPF Service?

PPF Is The Best Protection For Your Vehicle Regardless Of Use

We have been installing PPF since 2020. We are consistently striving to improve and innovate regarding the PPF services we provide so that regardless of what vehicle you drive, we can give you the quality it deserves.

Protect Against Damage

Our PPF service protects your car’s paint job from scratches, chips, swirls and stains. Whether from road debris, bird droppings or any other environmental factors, your car’s finish will remain pristine. Remove when it’s time to sell, and the car will be in new condition underneath.

Maintain Resale Value

Maintaining your car’s exterior is key to preserving its resale value. Our PPF service keeps your car looking brand new, which could result in a higher resale price or added value for the future buyer.

Professional Installation

Our team is composed of certified technicians who are trained in the precise application of PPF. We use state-of-the-art tools and techniques to apply the film mixing, both pre-cut and custom applications.

Quality Film

We only use top-quality SUNTEK film that is durable and designed to last. The film is resistant to yellowing and cracking, ensuring your car retains its shine for years.


The film we use comes with a 5-year warranty backed by ourselves and the manufacturer, Suntek.

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