Project Description


Holden Car washing & Detailing Melbourne

Aussies love their holdens! And they love looking after them. It’s always a pleasure to share our passion with an enthusiast of our (once) local brand ! The rising prices of the holden brand has turned many weekend toys into serious collector items and appreciating assets! It’s important to ensure they are corrected, protected and maintained.

Maloo W1

The very end of the commodore saw 4 very special cars produced behind closed doors for Holden executives and their best customers. A total of 4 W1 Maloo utes were produced. The boys at LMCT+ figured they liked them so much they wanted two of them! Paying over $1m each it set a new record for holdens. We paint corrected and ceramic coated both cars to prepare them for their giveaways

Brocky’s VK brocky

A very special car onced owned by a very special enthusiast, Peter Brock! One of the best aussie race car drivers to have ever lived, sadly having passed away doing what he loved there have been a small amount of cars surface that were owned by the man himself. This here was the car that was named after him, the blue meanie, brocky or just VK, whatever you want to call it. This also set a huge record at auction with the guys at LMCT+ snapping it up for themselves

Common services for Holden’s include paint correction and polishing, ceramic coating, interior detailing and high end restoration detailing.