Project Description


Nissan Car washing & Detailing Melbourne

We’ve experienced everything from million dollar Nismo GTR’s to Nissan Jukes at Auto Attention. We have a big soft spot for the R34 GTR and have had the pleasure of working on over 50 GTR’s over the years, mainly through our good friends at Vspec performance. Whether it’s the top of the table Nissan or the daily run around, we have detailing and protection solutions for all in between.


The R34 is an absolute icon of the automotive world, with an absolute fanatic culture around the Nismo brand we’ve watched their prices soar from sub $100k to over $500k in a matter of years! We have a big soft spot for all things GTR and have spent countless days visiting our friends at Vspec Performance and maintaining their collection. Some of the stand out cars we have done for them are the white Mines production R34 GTR, this Millennium Jade M-spec Nur and the almighty R34 GTR Z-Tune, the worlds most expensive GTR.


The R33 GTR is the often forgotten about variant of GTR’s, however we have had the opportunity to work on some fantastic examples over the years, including these two R33 Nismo 400R’s. With only 47 produced world wide, Vspec performance is the place to see two of them in one spot! We were also very lucky when we were handed the keys for a road trip in the purple car, an experience we wont forget any time soon.

We conducted sever paint correction packages for these cars and ensure they are maintained while in the Vspec collection.

Common services for Nissan’s include paint correction and polishing, ceramic coating, interior detailing and high end restoration detailing.