23 Sep
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Over the years we have created a fantastic relationship with the Zagame Group here in Melbourne. They are the leaders in high end automotive owning dealerships for all the big names like Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Aston, Rolls Royce the list goes on. Through the Zagame Team we have been given the opportunity to work on some pretty incredible cars, mostly in private.
Every now and then a car will come through the dealership for its annual service or maybe changing hands, and it will catch our attention whether it be due to its rarity or we can see potential for an awesome turnaround detailing wise. Last year we discovered a Rosso Corsa Ferrari F50 hiding upstairs, waiting for a major service and a new clutch to be put in. We hinted that it was in need of some serious paint correction and we’d love to accomodate that. The guys at Zagames went to work and managed to get us the job, we were thrilled.
The day came to start work on the F50 and we gave it a proper wash and decontamination, took all our measurements of the paint depth and went to work on the paint.
About 3 hours in, we were informed that the gentleman had actually sold the car, and the new customer was coming in 30 minutes to pick up the car…
We insisted that we couldn’t let a car go with half panels polished and the car covered in polish dust, but the customer turned up shortly after and insisted on taking the car as is!!
As upset as we were that we couldn’t finish what we started, we really didn’t want to get in the way of a multi million dollar deal and let everything play out.
We have ended up creating a relationship with the detailer who actually finished the car and did a wonderful job at that!

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