The First Ever Porsche 911S Ever Produced

15 March 2021

We have had our hands on a plethora of classic and modern Porsches, some heavy hitting names such as the 993 GT2, GT2RS and 959. Sometimes we discover stories behind a car that make them really special, that’s the best part of our job. An opportunity to work on a unique car that is a part of Porsche’s history. Having done a car previously for Greg at Bailey Special Projects, we were delighted to have him book in his early 911S. A gorgeous car upon first inspection, restored by the man himself maintaining mostly original parts. At this point Greg told us it was actually the first ever Porsche 911S ever made, and was prototype #3, the only one left in existence.

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“He rescued the car and brought it to Aus when he moved here.”

We were really taken back by how special it really was, and how nonchalant he was about the first ever Porsche 911s ever produced! The Porsche 911s has a long and illustrious history and remains a coveted car and this car is an exquisite example that travelled has such a long distance.

Greg found the car stuffed away under a pile of rubbish in a South African garage where he grew up. He rescued the car and brought it to Australia when he moved here. It was a real delight to spend some time with the car doing some high-end detailing, and its now on display at the @porschecentremelbourne classics area.

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