Detailers SECRETS to hand washing your car AT HOME

10 August 2021

Follow these steps to learn how to wash your car from home like a Professional and make sure to tag us so we can see!
@auto_attention #washfromhome
  1. Apply wheel cleaner to all wheels and inner guards
  2. Apply snow foam to the entire car and let it sit for 3 minutes ( no need if your car is only lightly soiled )
  3. High pressure rinse car from TOP to BOTTOM to remove snow foam
  4. Using the two bucket method as well as your microfibre mitt and drying towel, clean the car from TOP to BOTTOM
  5. No swirling motion, just straight lines up and down, only touching each area ONCE, rinsing your mitt every 2 panels.
  6. Rinse car from top to bottom
  7. Dry the car with a damp microfibre towel, simply drop and drag the towel using minimal pressure !
  8. Apply your choice of sealant, add your tyre shine and clean your glass