Follow Auto Attention Wash, Polish & Ceramic Coat this R33 GTR

13 August 2021

Join us along the process and learn how to perform a full Wash, De-contamination, Polish and Ceramic Coating on this Nissan R33 GTR.

We firstly start with a deep clean and wash, cleaning the wheels, barrels and arches with wheel woollies. Then moving onto the body of the car, working from top to bottom using our two bucket wash method!

Watch our video here: to learn how to wash your car like a pro!

Then moving onto decontaminating the surface of the paint before polishing with a clay bar. Using clay car lubricant and clay, to help remove any residue stuck onto the surface of the paint, leaving a nice clean canvas for polishing!

We next move onto the paint correction where we are using wool pads to give this car a light polish as in our experience with R33 these work best and as this car is in not too bad of condition it doesn’t need much work to bring the paint back to life!

After our correction over each panel of the car, we wipe down the car with an alcohol solution just to remove and excess polishing liquid or dust from the polishing process.

The car is finally topped with Ceramic Coating to lock in the gloss of the paintwork as well as protect it for years to come, creating a hydrophobic surface on the paint, not allowing any dirt or grime to stick to the paint. We topped this R33 GTR with Kamikaze Zipang to really stand out in front of the crowd.