Detailing the car from the poster – Lamborghini Diablo SV

3 April 2022

Everyone that grew up in the 90’s would’ve had a poster of either a Lamborghini Countach, or the Lamborghini Diablo on their wall.

The Diablo carries one of the most iconic supercar shapes even in todays modern times there are significant design ques on the likes of the Murcielago and Aventador.

We have been lucky enough to work on several Diablos over the years and this one has to be the pinnacle, the last of the line up and the most raw version. The SV.

This car is dressed in Celeste blue with Orange SV decals down the side. It’s well used and often sees the track in hope of extracting as much capability out of the car as possible

The owner wanted to ensure the car was presented in perfect condition after Lamborghini Melbourne conducted an overhaul of all the suspension.

We performed our like new package and ensured we went the extra mile in every aspect of the job. The car was then ceramic coated in our premium Kamikaze Zipang ceramic coating to lock in the gloss and make the maintenance a breeze