06 Jun
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We were so proud to have some of our most prized customer cars on display at the 2019 Ferrari club concours.

On display we had one of two Ferrari F40’s we have been lucky enough to work on, and the stunning Giallo Triplo Strato F12 TDF. In the Concours being judged we had The Giallo Ferrari F50 that we have spent over 40 hours on and the 599 GTO that we completed the night before!

We organised transport for the F50 and F40 to the Eastern Golf Club in the Yarra Valley, and were trusted with driving the 599 GTO to and from the event ( what a blast! ).

The judging was absolutely cutthroat! Especially on the F50 due to the overall signifance of the car in Australia. Everything from original authentication stickers on the inside of each panel being checked, grease on the suspension linkages being frowned upon and every nook and cranny inspected for dust/dirt.

We were absolutely thrilled to hear our 599 GTO announced as the winner of the concours taking the best in show award for 2019.

Unfortunately we will not know the fate of the F50’s results until later in the year.

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