Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting or cleaning is a method of using both dry ice and highly pressurised air to clean the underside of your car and restore it back to as new as possible with no part removal or damage to original surfaces.

The process has the ability to clean areas that are impossible to reach without parts removal, as well as a large range of cleaning capabilities. The blasting machine is used largely in the industrial cleaning industry for cleaning food processing plants and equipment, it is also used in the medical industry to clean extremely fragile medical tools.

Its diverse range of power allows you to clean the dirt off a sticker without affecting the sticker itself, or remove unwanted overspray from metal components. Its range and capability are truly incredible, with this we are able to remove any unwanted dirt, grime, old baked-on oil, or unwanted overspray to restore the underside of your car to brand new. We can clean rubber, plastic, metal, and painted surfaces without damaging any of them.

There are many advantages to using dry ice blasting on your car:

  • it does not require chemicals for the process of cleaning  leaving no residue or chemical waste behind
  • the car doesn’t have to disassembled prior to cleaning and it is much easier to reach difficult areas in the car
  • surfaces of the car and parts are not damaged through the process of cleaning
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Check out some of the videos we’ve taken and before/after photos


Before Dry Ice Blasting 1
Before Dry Ice Blasting 2


After Dry Ice Blasting 1
After Dry Ice Blasting 2

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