Auto Attention offers Glen Waverly’s most premium mobile car  washing service.

We offer our mobile car wash service as a subscription based programme. Sign up for 12 months and you can receive 1, 2 or 4 car washes per month. We also offer a custom package for car collectors with large amounts of cars. Payments can be made up front or monthly for your convenience.

We pride ourselves on our high end mobile car washing service as being Glen Waverly’s best. We use only high end products and safe washing techniques to ensure your car is kept looking new and shiny for the life of the programme.

Our mobile car wash service can be used at your home or at work, as long as it is in Glen Waverly.

A lot of our clients love the process of getting their car detailed and paint protected with us, then signing onto our mobile car wash programme to ensure their car is kept absolutely perfect.

We ensure we use all microfibre based products to touch your car, as well as using two bucket methods and premium soaps to reduce damage to paintwork.