Auto Attention specialises in high end car ceramic coating in Melbourne. We offer multiple levels of ceramic coating based on your budget and how you’d like to protect your car.

We are professionally trained on Kamikaze ceramic coating products, these high end paint protection products are hand made and hand bottled in japan.

Their high end car paint protection products range from 2 year ceramic coatings to 6 year hydrocarbon based coatings.

Auto Attention offers car ceramic coating Melbourne services in metropolitan area and can be done at your work, at home or in your storage facility.

Our car ceramic coating is aimed at keeping your car newer for longer, with added hydrophobic properties, giving your car the ability to clean itself. As well as heightened gloss, more scratch resistant and less fading.

All our car ceramic coating Melbourne packages include all general exterior car detailing to ensure your cars exterior surfaces are looking healthy. We treat things like your rubbers, plastics, wheels and wheel barrels, glass and any metals on the car.

Auto Attention are the specialists in Melbourne metrololitian areas for car ceramic coatings and paint correction/paint protection and strive to deliver the best possible outcome for your car.