Auto Attention specialises in car paint. Car paint detailing is the art of removing any surface scratches on your cars paintwork to ensure it is as perfect as possible, while removing minimal clear coat.

We offer multiple levels of paint detailing to suit anyone’s budget and what they want to achieve from their car detailing.

We offer a single stage paint correction which will remove 70% of swirl marks on the paintwork, as well as any oxidisation or water spotting. This can be topped with a wax or ceramic coating.

We also offer a full restoration paint correction to restore your paint surface to as perfect as possible. This can also be topped with a wax or our high end ceramic coating.

Our paint correction methods and products have been refined over the last 4 years to deliver the best in paint correction services around Melbourne.

Our paint correction services are mobile in Melbourne to suit your needs whether it be at work or home.

All our car paint detailing packages include all general exterior car detailing to ensure your cars exterior surfaces are looking healthy. We treat things like your rubbers, plastics, wheels and wheel barrels, glass and any metals on the car.

Auto Attention are the specialists in Melbourne for car paint detailing and strive to deliver the best possible outcome for your car.