When The Planets Align Holden Car washing & Detailing Melbourne Aussies love their holdens! And they love looking after them. It’s always a pleasure to share our passion with an enthusiast of our (once) local brand ! The rising prices of the holden brand has [...]



When The Planets Align Nissan Car washing & Detailing Melbourne We’ve experienced everything from million dollar Nismo GTR’s to Nissan Jukes at Auto Attention. We have a big soft spot for the R34 GTR and have had the pleasure of working on over 50 GTR’s over [...]



When The Planets Align McLaren Car washing & Detailing Melbourne McLaren has taken a heavy swing at re-entering the supercar market in the last 15 years, with the introduction of the MP4-12C all the way up to the most recent speedtail. We have had the [...]



When The Planets Align Lamborghini Car washing & Detailing Melbourne Auto Attention prides itself on high quality work through all our services and brands. We have extensive knowledge into the Lamborghini brand having worked on nearly every Lamborghini model in recent years, working alongside Lamborghini [...]



When The Planets Align Ferrari Car washing & Detailing Melbourne Auto Attention has had the pleasure of working on over 100 Ferrari’s in recent years, we have built extensive knowledge into the Ferrari brand while servicing the Melbourne Ferrari dealership Zagames, and workshops specializing in [...]



When The Planets Align Mercedes Car washing & Detailing Melbourne Auto Attention prides itself on reflecting the quality of your cars in their general appearance. We have performed car washing, paint correction, ceramic coating and all things detailing on many Mercedes over the years. Mercedes [...]



When The Planets Align Porsche Car washing & detailing Melbourne We have seen the massive up-rise of Porsche over recent years especially in their RS department. Porsche has created some incredible machines and delivered what their market wanted. 993 Turbo S [...]



When The Planets Align Pagani Car washing & Detailing Melbourne We can’t wait to see an influx of incredibly rare hyper-cars coming to Australia in following years due to the laws on driving. Our personal favorite car we have detailed to date has to be [...]



When The Planets Align Bugatti Car washing & Detailing Melbourne The Veyron really started the push for the ongoing race to be the “fastest car in the world”. We have been lucky to get our hands on one of a few Veyrons that call Australia [...]


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