06 Jun
  • By Admin

Summer is always that time to get your car looking its best, we can help with that ;). Here are some of the awesome products we use to maintain our cars and customer cars, keeping them glossy and fresh for the sunny season.

Shampoo – Angelwax Enigma shampoo is one of the latest creatons from the mad scientists at Angelwax. We have been using their enigma wax for years and with the new integration into other products, the shampoo stands out as an awesome addition to your car care regime.

Nanoskin Hydro – This awesomely glossy quick detailer is something we’ve recently started using from the nanoskin range. We’ve never found something so easy to use, simply spray onto a microfibre towel and apply a panel at a time, then flip the towel and buff off.

A little secret of ours is to combine it 50:50 with nanoskin quick shine for that extra oomph 😉

Angelwax Elixir – Our all time favourite tyre shine, giving your wheels that fresh new tyre look. Best applied with a cloth sponge, you can actually cut a wash sponge into pieces to use as applicators! The more layers the shiner the tyres. Pair this with angelwax Bilberry wheel cleaner to keep those kicks fresh.

All of these products can be found at our favourite supplier Detail Central


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