Car washing steps + ceramic coating maintenance

Here we explain step by step how to wash your car, coating maintenance as well as product recommendations.

Check out our Youtube video on how to wash your car at home!

We recommend using these products from

Micro fibre wash mitt (purple)

Micro fibre drying towel (yellow)

Angelwax enigma shampoo

Angelwax Elixir tyre shine

Nanoskin non-acid wheel cleaner

Ceramic coating top ups –

Kamikaze – Kamikaze overcoat

Angelwax – Angelwax enigma QED

  • Start by filling up two buckets with water, then placing 3 capfuls of enigma shampoo into one bucket
  • Rinse the car from top to bottom with a high pressure washer.
  • Grab your mitt and pick up the soapy water, always start from top to bottom. Simply treat the panel like you are colouring it in, just moving the mitt in straight line directions and only touching each area once.
  • Once you’ve done 1-2 panels put the mitt in the plain water bucket and ring it out thus taking the dirt from car to bucket.
  • Then pick up more shampoo water and repeat.
  • Rinse the car off, and with a damp drying towel simply place on the surface and drag off and it will be dry! No need to rub it just drop and drag.
  • Apply elixir with tyre applicator to a dry tyre for best results!
  • If your car has a ceramic coating on it we add one of the top up sprays listed above to the drying step. Simply spray 1-2 sprays into the towel per panel and dry the car this way. This saves you time applying the top up afterwards and also helps prevent streaking. We recommend doing this after every couple of washes.
  • Grab a regular microfibre cloth and dry off your door jambs + wheels, done!

We recommend washing the mitt and drying towel after each use also.