History of AA (personal story also)

From the owner: As a kid I developed a love for cars, specifically the fast ones! Spending many years taking photos of cars I grew to know people who owned them and sold them.

After working at another company for 12 months I started Auto Attention in 2016. I began working on friends cars and got the chance to utilise my network and started working on some high end stuff early on, lucky me! I’ll never forget the first Ferrari I worked on, a white over red 458 spider. Since then I’d guess we’ve worked on over 100+ Ferrari’s.

After a couple of years I began hiring a team to assist in our growth and we haven’t stopped since. We are constantly trialling new services and products to bring our customers the best in car care.

Our location and cars we work on

For years we were a mobile detailing company traveling to all corners of Melbourne. We are now located at 51 Appleton St Richmond. Our locality to high end dealerships and wealthy suburbs like Toorak/Malvern has allowed us to focus on the high end market and we are lucky enough to work on some of Melbourne’s best cars.

Some stand outs over the years have been a Mercedes CLK GTR roadster, Ferrari Enzo’s, Lamborghini SV’s, Porsche Carrera GT’s and many more!

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Our Values

At AA we have 3 core values

  1. Honesty – This is reflected both in the workshop amongst our staff, and in our communication with customers. We are here to deliver the most fitting solution for your car regardless of cost or effort.
  2. Respect – We are lucky enough to be trusted with peoples pride and joy on a daily basis, some with values over $1m! We pride ourselves on having the upmost respect for the cars as well as the people that own them. Over the years this created many long term friendships with customers that we value greatly.
  3. Dedication – When the work needs to be done, it gets done. We do our absolute best to solve peoples problems whenever we can

Bonus Structure and Benefits

At Auto Attention we want to create a place where people enjoy coming to work. We offer our employees benefits such as private health cover and free work shoes every 6 months.

Our Bonus structure is setup to reward efficient work, with monthly/weekly targets in place for employees to earn extra $$, we want to help you if you help us

Our Pathway Forward

Having started working from the boot of a Honda Accord Euro in 2016, we grew into a fleet of Volkswagen caddy’s and now into our Richmond workshop. Having quickly outgrown this space we endeavour to seek a bigger and better place to call home over the next few years as demand for our services constantly increases.

In recent years we have added Auto Caché, our car storage company, to the AA group. Offering the best in private car storage. We also aim to boost our ecom presence with the sales of our amazing indoor car covers and other products in the pipeline.

We are constantly looking forward to offer new things, often being the first to bring something to market. Although some things don’t work out, we continuously push the bar.

Recruitment FAQ’s

Are tools and uniform supplied?2024-02-01T09:19:51+10:00

Of course, just bring yourself.

How big is the team at Auto Attention?2024-02-01T09:19:04+10:00

We currently have 5  people in our workshop every day

Is there any overtime?2024-02-01T09:18:15+10:00

Yes! Time and a half for anything over 38 hours

What are the working hours?2024-02-01T09:17:40+10:00

Hours are 8-5 mon/fri with Saturday work available

Do you offer full time or part time roles?2024-02-01T09:14:35+10:00

We only have full time positions at Auto Attention

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